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A brief history of NAMING

Let's think about what Naming is! Many people think that this is a NEW CONCEPT! -Yes, the NAME IS NEW, but the CONCEPT itself is as old as the WORLD! The first NAMINGMEN were ancient people, our distant ancestors, who invented the FIRST IN HISTORY HUMANITY WORDS for DESIGNATION OF THE FIRST HUNTING TOOLS, such as AX, NEEDLE, SPEAR, household objects such as CAVE, SHALASH, HUNTING PIT, objects of the surrounding NATURE, such as RIVER, LAKE, VETER, TREE, TREE , LIGHTNING, RAIN, Hail, STORM, SUN, MOON, STARS, CLOUDS, LIGHT, DARKNESS, FIRE, FLINT, FOOD, LIFE, DEATH, MOTHER, DAD, SON, DAUGHTER, BROTHER, SISTER, PLANTS, DEATH, ANIMAL , good, bad, YES, NO, PLEASE, nEED NOT nEED, take, give, give it back! with each successive generation KEN pEOPLE expands and increases the perception of the world, people are beginning to face with new concepts, and new objects ITS ACTIVITY-demanded invent ALL NEW, and NEW WORDS - in every PART of our PLANET, inhabited by people, the NEYMINGMEN of those distant TIMES WORKED MENTALLY, and showed and CREATIVE TO GIVE YOURSELF AND OTHERS THE OPPORTUNITY TO EXPRESSLY BROADER! , THE NUMBER OF DAILY EVENTS, EMMOTIONS, CASES, PROBLEMS, TASKS, AND WAYS OF THEIR FULFILLMENT HAS BEEN INCREASED MUCH TIMES, and in order to DISCUSS ALL THIS among themselves, people among themselves LIKE MASSIVE MASSIVES AND A LOT OF NEW WAYS! ordinary words began to appear ELITE wORDS, NAMES precious stones, metals, often rulers of the country and the people of Davao INDIVIDUAL TITLES its BEZTSENNYM Diamond (Great Mogul), emeralds, rubies, its fantastic jewelry, structures, cities, settlements, geographical and astronomical objects, dishes, LAWS, and even their SHIPS, and THE MOST FAVORITE HORSES (Bucephalus) -Many of these NAMING MASTERPIECES have survived, and GOT before our time, and MANY of THEM WERE borrowed after the emergence of MODERN in our understanding of PRODUCTION and COMMERCE by various entrepreneurs and companies! OF HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, CLUBS, STORES and OFFICES HAD TO DO THE SAME NAMING AS AN ANCIENT MAN HAD BEEN DOING - I HAD TO CREATE NEW WORDS, MANY OF WHICH HAVE BEEN HAS BEEN GENERATED IN TIME, or HAS BEEN GENERAL! otherwise, HOPING that THIS WORD will eventually BECOME POPULAR and, accordingly, ELITE, this is called the FANTASY PRINCIPLE OF CREATING NAMES - in fact, THIS IS A PRINCIPLE THAT HAS BEEN USED AT ALL TIMES BY THE NAME OF PEOPLE!

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