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I CREATE ORIGINAL PERSPECTIVE FILM IDEAS (MYOD@META.UA). The main THEMES that FILM CREATORS are currently using are: Militant, robbery, and FANTASTIC - is it that viewers want it, or what do the filmmakers think? HAVE ALREADY BEEN BORED to the viewer, and he longs for NEW EMOTIONS, IMPRESSIONS, and a NEW SENSE FILLING from NEW FILMS? VERY FAST, PEOPLE HAVE A LOT TO SUCCEED, INCLUDING ENJOYING LIFE, and FILMS ARE VERY STRONGLY HELPING IN THIS, but not ANY, but ONLY GOOD, TALANT, FINE and FINE FILMS. SKILLS, PROFESSIONALISM, and THE MOST IMPORTANT IS YOUR VISION OF LIFE, LOVE TO HER, AND TO PEOPLE! THE ETERNAL QUESTION - "WHAT ARE WE BORN FOR?" has TWO ANSWERS: 1) "To GIFT THE WORLD OF YOUR CHILDREN", and 2) "To GIFT THE WORLD OF YOUR GOOD DEEDS!" -IMI he does have an interesting life of millions of people fills it with meaning, and motivate people to achieve life WINS! good director shares with the audience his rich inner world extends its horizons, reviewed his directorial vision for old things from a new angle! gifted DIRECTOR LIGHT To people THEIR LIFE WAY, TELLING HOW TO LIVE CORRECTLY, HE IS A SHEPHERD FOR ITS VIEWERS! EVERY GOOD DIRECTOR IS JESUS ​​CHRIST in miniature! THE BASIS OF THESE FILMS, and among the VIEWERS there are MANY FOLLOWERS OF THEIR FOLLOWS - DEPENDING ON THE DIRECTOR, WHETHER HE WILL STRENGTHEN THE POSITION OF GOOD WITH HIS FILMS, or strengthen the position of evil - IN THIS WAY - IN THE HANDS OF A Talented DIRECTOR THE CREATION OF A PICTURE Similar to the Creation of a PICTURE by an Artist, ONE OF THE SECRETS OF LIFE CONSISTS THAT THERE DOES NOT EXIST IN THE CREATION OF ANY PICTURE EVERY STROKE IS IMPORTANT!

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